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It’s been a warm summer here in Toronto, it also hasn’t rained very much.

We’re not used to high heat, at leats for an extended period, so when it does come we want to escape to the comfort of our air conditioning.

Nothing is worse than your air conditional to crap out in the middle of a heat wave.  At that point, you scramble and overpay in order to get it fixed.  Fortunately, the HVAC company I called here in Toronto was great and didn’t overcharge me.

In about an hour I had my air conditioning back on, but I started to wonder, what if this happens to my furnace in the middle of winter?  That’s even worse, as winters here can get pretty cold.

I started to research how I can perform maintenance on my HVAC unit myself to try and avoid breakdowns at the worst time and how to keep my unit running smoothly and efficiently all year round.

I stumbled across the infographic below that had some great tips and easy things you can do yourself that should keep your HVAC unit running longer and help you avoid costly repair bills.

Take a look below and let me know what you think.


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