Music and The Value It Brings To Kids

Music can truly open the soul of a human being.

As a kid, who hasn’t fantasized about being a famous singer.  Mine was Led Zeppelin.  Who hasn’t gotten lost in themselves while listening to their favorite albums, cd if you are over 30 and mp3 if you are under 30 years old.

Study after study has shown that music can enrich the lives of children.  It has shown to open up areas of the brain that were inactive.  It has a calming effect in times of stress.  Music has the ability to help kids concentrate and focus their thoughts and energy.

Music and kids are a perfect mix.  Music opens up creative outlets and thinking in kids and can turn a troubled and lost kid’s life around if introduced the right way.

Sadly, real life musical instruments are fading with the current generation.  Kids have dropped musical instruments and have taken up the internet, video games, and social media to replace it.  A generation of kids will not benefit from the gift of music.

Music today is dying, being replaced with computer-generated music tracks and voices that have been equally “fixed” by computers to make what is perceived as a nicer sound.  I don’t think Janis Joplin would never have a chance on making the grade in this day and age of musicians wiped of all uniqueness.

Our store has been offering music lessons in Newmarket, Ontario for over 30 years.  Kids taking lessons is definitely on the decline.  Aside from the internet and social media, the lack of music heroes has also led to a decline in music.  If you don’t have a Jimmy Hendrix, Eric Clapton or Joanne Jett to look up to, who will you fantasize to be?

Consider making music a part of your child’s life, it will enrich it.  See the infographic below to see some of the many benefits of introducing music to your child.

kids and music

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