Review of Taylor Guitars V-Class Guitars

Heads up music lovers! If you’re a fan of Taylor guitars, then I assume you have already known its newest addition to the collection – the Taylor V-class guitar.

How does it work? Can you expect better sound quality, intonation, etc.? Read this thorough review!

Looking for a way to add a new hobby for fun? Possibly, your teen or child wants to play in a band? If so, an acoustic guitar could be your best companion. Undoubtedly one of the most commonplace and most versatile instruments we have, the acoustic guitar is portable and can be played or used for all music genres. It is also a favorite instrument of most artists and amateur musicians.

Taylor guitars are one of the grandest and popular names among acoustic guitar supplies and is a best seller with many Taylor guitar dealers in Canada.  And for more than years in the marketplace, it has gained an exclusive reputation as well as a solid following of bassist buffs and guitarists. The V-class guitar is a new model music lovers have to take a look.

What is Taylor V-Class Bracing?

While the letter X hosts X-bracing features, the V-class presents a new V-shape. It begins in the middle of the lower bout. This bracing pattern adds a flexibility and rigidity to the top wood evenly. The guitar increases projection and the string vibrations run out in a more balanced way. You can notice an improved sustain. Moreover, the sounds become more melodious. Upper register notes within a chord do not get clogged out. With the V-class bracing of Taylor, the guitar keeps in tune, allows the notes to flicker for a longer time, and projects louder.

Feel and Sound

With a V-class guitar by Taylor, you have a lot to listen to. Every guitar has its own character. Almost many users found this acoustic guitar very helpful in helping them reach their potential as a singer or aspiring singer. The sound is so unique and highly improved – it’s as if you’re hearing someone professional giving you a beautiful song.


An improved intonation is what V-class guitar is all about as well. Thanks to vibrating strings, the intrusion that leads some notes to sound a bit out of tune and waver are fully removed. You can now play chords and notes in tune and more consistent with each other.

Sustain and Volume

An acoustic guitar should have a greater and more sustained volume to produce high-quality sounds. And, Taylor V-class guitar does not disappoint. Volume is generated through the top movement, place in the motion with the strings’ vibration. Sustain, on the other hand, comes from a varying place – we call stiffness. The v-brace patterns have been worked as a way of increasing the sustain without compromising the guitar’s volume.


Taylor V-class guitar is not just your typical acoustic guitar. It has a unique nuance feel and liveliness that other guitars lack of. Regardless of where you voice it, expect for indefinitely sustained individual notes and perfectly tuned chord sounds. Aside from the guitar’s player-friendly ergonomics and overall design, it is intensely resonant and boasts a honeyed response.


  • Versatile
  • Increases sustain and volume
  • Improves intonation
  • Provides an enhanced guitar playing experience


  • Price range is a bit high

Is Taylor V-Class Guitar Worth It?

Whether you’re looking for a new acoustic guitar to replace your old one or simply want to improve your guitar playing experience, then you should give Taylor V-class guitar a try. You will never dissatisfy from its aesthetic look to performance, and that’s an assurance!  Look out for Black Friday deals on guitars in Canada.


An acoustic guitar is not a simple acquisition so thorough research about the product and manufacturer should be highly considered. Ending up in a low-quality model or a product that doesn’t essentially meet your guitar needs and requirements are the last thing you want to happen.

The new V-class bracing guitar from Taylor is one of the genuine innovations in the acoustic guitar history. Sure, it will not suit everyone’s taste and make other guitars out of date. But, one thing’s for sure – even enthusiastic vintage-guitar fanatics will recognize and appreciate its volume, sustain, and responsiveness. The sound of the guitar makes you want to discover more and find out what it is up to. It can be one of the best sounding guitars you have played.


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